Highline Photography | About


What started as a hobby has developed into so much more. I am a journeyman Power line man by trade, which is why the name Highline Photography seemed so fitting. Although I still do power line maintenance as a full time job, I have been doing professional photography on the side for several years. I am still working on expanding my skill set and abilities, so i am open to suggestions, ideas, and willing to try any type or style of photography.


I have taken many photos, of a many of different things, for many different reasons. I would have to say that my two favorite types of photography would be portraits and action. To have some one frozen four feet in the air, doing what would seem to be an impossible dance move or stunt is always an amazing photo. I always have a lot of fun with portraits as well, both family and model shoots.


I do not have set prices for most of my work as I believe every shoot is unique. However as I have less experience as a full time photographer or studio would, I try to have more reasonable prices. I am willing to work with you to get the best possible pictures for the most reasonable price.


Thank you for considering Highline Photography, I look forward to doing a photo shoot with you in the future.

Mathew Ibach